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What If Your Favorite Video Game Characters Were Slaves To Fashion?

What If Your Favorite Video Game Characters Were Slaves To Fashion?

This past week, we told you guys about Sashiiko, the Russian artist who envisioned what some of our favorite Marvel and Disney heroes/villains would look like as high fashion runway models, and now we bring you part two of this fictional haute trend with Complex’s list of video game characters dressed in upmarket urban-wear.

I didn’t think there is anything Wario could possibly do to impact his unreconcilable douchiness until I saw him donning the above “SWAGALICIOUS” sweater while trying to also look seductive (shudder) for the camera. They could have tried to implement one of his utility hats from Wario Land for some greater practicality, but it doesn’t really look like he is going to be hoisting himself from that chair anytime soon.


The last thing I was thinking about when I was trying to collect precursor orbs in Jak 2 was what he and his trusty ottsel sidekick would look like in Alexander Wang, but now I’m considering this might have been a decent look while he was hover-boarding around Haven City.

What do you think about these scenester versions of some classic and new video game characters? Pretty weird right? I think they should have also incorporated Ratchet and Clank, since we already know Secret Agent Clank can really pull off a tuxedo. Check out the rest of the list here and sound off in the comments below!

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  1. LOL. This is pretty awful.

  2. s0nicfreak says:

    I can’t see the pictures because of all the ads!