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What if MARIO KART Happened in Real Life?

What if MARIO KART Happened in Real Life?

Anyone who has ever experienced the thrill of deflecting an oncoming banana peel with a green shell or the heartbreak of seeing a blue shell come up behind you as you overtake the pole position in Mario Kart will tell you that they’ve thought about how cool it would be to reenact in real life. Two enterprising filmmakers, Olivier Bolduc and Simon Lachapelle, agreed with the popular consensus, but with a twist: they recreated a race between Mario and Luigi using stop-motion animation. Short, sweet, and without any of the controller-breaking frustration of Rainbow Road, this little film just finished in first place in our hearts:

What do you think? What other video games would you like to see recreated in stop-motion?

[HT: Laughing Squid]