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What BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Would Be Like If Kids Had Their Way

What BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Would Be Like If Kids Had Their Way

Every fan has their own idea about what Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice should be like, whether it be broody and angry like The Dark Knight Returns connection suggests, or a little more hopeful to set up the Justice League movie which is clearly already happening. Most of the debate we hear on the internet is from the mostly-grown people who have been reading comics for ages and have a vested interest in them for nostalgic purposes. But what about the young fans out there who are still growing up reading the exploits of Batman and Superman and play with the toys not as collectors (or as adults who play with toys) but the actual target demographic? Don’t they get a say. Well, thankfully the comedy troupe New Feelings Time have given us some idea what the children might want to see. It’s quite a wake-up call.

Ah, from the minds of children. Or adults pretending to be children. Isn’t that what Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ought to be anyway – the Dark Knight and Man of Steel hugging and dancing? We all want that, right? No? I’ve revealed too much about myself? Well. Fair enough.

New Feelings Time are an LA-based sketch group that do parody and weirdness incredibly well. Their biggest video was a male version of that Dove commercial from last year, remember that?

And one of my favorites is their take on what happens when someone doesn’t say “bless you” when you sneeze. It’s pretty terrifying.

Check out more on their channel.