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What About Key and Peele Meeting Liam Neeson(s), Though?!?

What About Key and Peele Meeting Liam Neeson(s), Though?!?

On Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have an ongoing sketch where they play two action-obsessed valets. In fact, you could say they represent all kinds of pop culture fanatics with their excitement over badasses like “Bruce Willy”, “the Batman”, and of course, “Liam Neesons.”

But what would happen if Key & Peele actually met Liam Neeson(s), though? Say, just before the release of his latest movie, Non-Stop? If you’ve been watching the show, it’s just as wonderful as you’d expect. Watch their epic introduction below:

“A take to the camera? A tie-in with the movie??” Damn straight. Though Neeson’s second career as a hardened, grizzled action star may have come as a surprise a few years ago, the fact that he’s starring in a heist-blackmail-murder-mystery-thriller-on-a-plane is not only expected, it’s welcomed with open arms.

Key & Peele returns to Comedy Central this fall, and Non-Stop opens in theaters Friday, February 21st.


  1. Emma Marie Mc says:

    Best best best best best

  2. marilvoe says:

    This made me so happy. So, so happy.