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We’re Digging: Fantasia: Music Evolved

We’re Digging: Fantasia: Music Evolved

Fantasia: Music Evolved is the atmospheric adventure that’s been making a splash at E3, PAX, and around the web this year: Harmonix, the developers responsible for bringing your rock star fantasies to life with Rock Band and Guitar Hero, is showing off its new title, set to release in 2014. Fantasia: Music Evolved is an immersive, imaginative exploration game designed for the Kinect which applies the same point system as its button smashing predecessors, but with a whole universe ready to be unveiled and explored, puzzles to be solved, and new tunes that can be created. Players will use their own gestures to jam along to popular classic and current songs, and string, opera, rock ballad, and more variations thereof. The more points players collect, the more the environment opens up to reveal new worlds, instruments, and characters that can be interacted with.

The enthusiastic developers at Harmonix were juiced to tell us all about how exciting it was to help evolve Walt Disney’s initial mission statement to help tell immersive stories through music in Fantasia with the new technology.  Harmonix promises a unique experience each time the game is played, as the songs are completely customizable with each instrument that becomes unlocked. Though Fantasia: Music Evolved doesn’t seem to have the competitive edge that Rock Band and Guitar Hero did, it does seem like it will deliver some extraordinary environments and atmosphere more aligned with encouraging creativity.

Perfect for children, pothead adults, and any and all variations on the two, this is one we’re excited to see develop. No word on hippos in tutus yet, though- Harmonix and Disney are being very hush-hush about which classic characters (if any!) they decide to bring back.

Is this a game you’re excited to play? Does anyone even play with the Kinect? What was your favorite Fantasia short growing up? Let us know by leaving a quemment below or holla atcha gurl on Twitter!