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“We’re Alive” Season 3 Premiere

It’s back! The We’re Alive Season 3 premiere  dropped today after being on break since the epic Season 2 finale last July.  Fire up your podcast downloading machine, and get your listening holes ready for some zombie greatness!  If you’re not familiar with We’re Alive, it’s just the best zombie story of survival podcast you can find on the interwebs.


  1. jules says:

    My ipod knackered is there any chance that u can put it on you tube pls

  2. I loved the book going to be cool want the Season 3 Premiere come seen going be good!!!!!!!

  3. wabert says:

    AWESOME. i am waiting so long.

  4. KC Wayland says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Gotta love the Nerdist network!

  5. marki mark says:

    Dynomite!!!! I can’t wait to listen to this, especially since the fucking intense live season 2 finale. OH SHIT I forgot about Burt too!!! I’m shoving this right into my brain’s periscopes.