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Welcome to the New A Message from Chris Hardwick

Welcome to the New A Message from Chris Hardwick

Greetings, Nerdist folk! Welcome to a new chapter in the history of our wee site/entity/throbbing human mass/thing. I’m genuinely excited with the newest iteration of our digital content delivery that we are able to feed into your eye mouths, courtesy of a company called Something Massive.

You’ll notice the site has changed a bit — rebuilt from the ground up — and the new design gives us a little more freedom to navigate the content in super happy fun time ways. You’ll now notice a button for new content, in addition to a “trending” button if you just want to go with the crowd (no judgement! sometimes it’s quicker). The top nav has PODCASTS (obvious), VIDEO (we’ll be integrating MUCH more video on the site), STORE (merch coming soooooooon!), and a hamburger-looking expando-menu with more specific link sorting. Also, the sharing of articles is now easier, so please feel free to take advantage of that on your preferred social media platform.

Big one here —> FINALLY, our site looks good on mobile. In fact, we designed with mobile in mind first, and then ported that over to desktop, as opposed to the reverse. We hope you find it a cleaner, smoother experience than the free plug-in I used to use to get a “mobile version” of the site that rarely worked. We love doing shit on our phones or tablets, so pull that device out of the pocket near your naughty bits and enjoy our offerings on the go!

GRANDPA TALKS WISTFULLY TIME! I started in 2008 (strangely, was not available but all of the other extensions were) on Typepad. The next year I moved it to (Sorry Typepad! Keep sending those reminders that I haven’t renewed my blog with you! After all these years, it’d be weird not to get them every month) and subsequently to the framework, where it had stayed for four and a half years. Today we evolve from “turbo blog” to “actual magazine”. One of things I get the most excitement from is the mile markers of growth — it is, after all, my child (is that strange?). As a performer, it’s always tough to track your progress because you are essentially the product and you lack the POV of yourself, but Nerdist is that tangible thing that I can ACTUALLY watch get bigger and better. It means the world to me, and the community that continues to build around it blows me away. SIDENOTE! I just did six shows at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York, and the management could not get over how sincerely nice my audiences were. Something that I’m most proud of is that fact that Nerdist, in all its forms, seems to attract good people. Few persons/entities/deities have an audience that they would actually hang out with, and I can honestly say that I do (cue “awwwwwwww,” as baby hamsters give each other tiny kisses). For that, I cannot thank you enough for being here for and continuing to support us.

In the Typepad and early WordPress days, I did everything myself. It was fun, rewarding and a lot of work, but also limiting. I always intended to bring other voices on board so there would be perspectives other than mine, not just aggregating nerd-centric Web gems but also CREATING them as well BREAKING news in our pop culture spheres (Entertainment, Science, Gaming, Tech, Music, Comedy). That time is now just beginning, and I have to thank Brian Walton (our Editor in Chief), Perry Michael Simon (my first editor, still contributor and strategist), and all of the brilliant and sweet minds who have joined since. I really want this to be a source for cool stuff, inspiration and positivity to be your pal while guiding you through all of the things that are hopefully relevant to your interests. Be it Nerdist News (you’re CRUSHING it, Chobot), podcasts, other videos, comedy, live events, .com stuff, or television, I’m very excited about where we can all go together next, and I welcome your QUEMMENTS (remember those?) in the text fields at the bottom of the page. This is, after all, your home too.

We might have a few bugs here and there (that I imagine look like the grid bugs from Tron) as we settle into the new site, so, please, don’t get frustrated with us! We’re always doing our best, and we’ll fix it. WE’LL FIX IT ALL. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible (with everything we do), not to bum you out specifically, so never forget that! There will be more additions to functionality in the coming weeks both site-wise and people-wise, so check back as much as damn possible so you know I’m truthin’ you. Again, I thank you for your time and I hereby officially open the gilded new gates to this shiny updated nerd factory — I am your host, Willy Wanker.

TL;DR… new site, you mean the world to me, hope you dig it.


  • Congratulations and best of luck Chris on the new site! Thank you again for signing my book at Carolines and posing for a picture for my wife. You are truly a class act as you were doing this for everyone!!! 

  • Yayyy! As someone who’s watched the whole thing unfold…totally excited for you and the whole Nerdist crew! Can’t wait to see what’s to come! You guys have some of my favorite things in the world on this site, and I know that will continue to be the case. :)

  • Looks better already. Only complaint is the latest Indoor Kids Podcast disappeared.

     My Q.A. Notes…
    Can’t post comments in Chrome.
    The grid box padding/spacing is almost too close together (Hard to tell certain grid boxes apart). The pages with boxes that have white backgrounds looks especially funny with the new style.

    • Yeah, I noticed that, too. I moved over to firefox to try to post it. I had some troubles, but it finally went through… I actually considered attempting to post via explorer…

  • Continue with the on of rocking. You da man, figuratively and I spose literally too, though ive really only got the interwebs word on that. I love what you kids are doin over there at the Nerdist thingy… Over here at the nerdist thingy…. I dunno, am i here, or are you there?  Anyhow, keep it up and best of luck in all you do, forever and always. 

  • The site looks fantastic!  Congrats on all of your success, it’s been so much fun to watch this site grow and evolve.  Thanks for giving us a place to find all of the delights on my phone that make sitting in the carpool line at my kid’s school so much more tolerable.  

  • As a huge fan of all things nerdist and a student currently earning her degree in web design, I can honestly say that I’m loving the new layout! I can’t wait to click around the site and see how everything works! And, now I can try to use the site on my phone! (I wish more sites would think mobile first and move from there… I may have to start doing that in my classes lol)

  • Oh, man! Looks fantastic and I am so excited for all the new content and easier ways to get to it.  I nerd out on Nerdist. It’s amazeballs. Plus, I read that whole thing with Hardwick’s voice in my head. Perhaps I listen to too many podcasts :)

  • One thing that has nothing to do with the site, more the content. I find myself never using for any sort of news type things, I feel like you guys are a day late on any thing that other sites have been posting. It is what it is. Granted it’s not on everything, but it’s bad enough that its not worth it to me to check your site very much. Currently I read a lot of polygon, so if you need an example of what I think is a great site, there it is. BTW I REALLY like the new set up, much more modern.

    • It’s a good note, and our goal to start breaking news. It just takes a bit of time to get the team up and running and get into a position where you can do that, but it’s definitely started to happen and will do so more frequently. Thanks!

  • Love the new look for the site, Chris. As someone who’s followed your career with great interest, I’m almost inappropriately happy when I see you turn up somewhere new, like the extras on Wreck-It Ralph, the Wired Star Wars issue, and my new favorite, @midnight. (Seriously. I get all excited. And I’m straight. It’s kind of strange.) 
    Keep up the great work!

  • Yes!!! It’s easier to navigate the podcasts, and I thank you for that. I’ve been starting from the beginning of the Nerdist Podcast and occasionally the list would get stuck on some random page and I couldn’t get to the podcast number I wanted. Now I can happily enter a page number and go on my merry way.

    Congrats on the upgrade and best of luck with the people hunting down bugs or those generally complaining because something changed. Nerdist Industries proves a wonderful (and free) service, for which I’m grateful!

  • I love the new background. The overall look and feel of the site has improved a great deal. I tried to sing in with facebook, twitter and g+.  Facebook and twitter would look like I successfully sold my soul to you but didn’t change the posting. 

    G+ gave me an error message:

    Original error message: User profile request failed! Google returned an error: exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘The Authorization Service has return: invalid_client’ in /mnt/www/ Stack trace: #0 /mnt/www/ OAuth2Client->authenticate(‘4/4c2RZ3C9Z727v…’) #1 /mnt/www/ Hybrid_Provider_Model_OAuth2->loginFinish() #2 /mnt/www/ Hybrid_Endpoint::processAuthDone() #3 /mnt/www/ Hybrid_Endpoint::process() #4 {main}

    Question: Why do you need access to my contact in order to post? That seems odd to me.

  • I would like some more feedback from the site. It feels like I’m interacting with a pdf. It would be nice to see a colour change or some sort of response when I mouse over stories so I know they’re clickable.

  • <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    kidding :)