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Welcome to the Nerdist Channel’s Walking Dead Weekend

This weekend, The Walking Dead returns to AMC with the start of Season 3, Sunday night at 9/8c, and Talking Dead with our own Chris Hardwick will be back, too, Sunday night at 11/10c. To commemorate the occasion, the Nerdist Channel is having a Walking Dead Weekend, and it starts today.

Today, you’ll see our own Dan Casey reporting from Walking Dead Escape at San Diego Comic-Con International this Summer, including a chat with Robert Kirkman; Friday, it’s a special episode of Dork Fork with guest Chris Hardwick helping cook up some appropriate snacks (brains?) for your Walking Dead premiere party; and on Sunday, it’s Just Cos at Walking Dead Escape, with Chloe Dykstra looking at zombie cosplay and talking to Kirkman and Greg Nicotero. Throughout, Chris will be on hand to host the weekend. There’s no better way to get ready for the new seasons of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead than this.

Now, the video above SHOULD take you through everything we’re doing for the Walking Dead Weekend and more (like the All Star Bowling episode). I’ve occasionally had problems with embedding playlist video here, so I’m not gonna guarantee anything (and I’m at this moment stuck in a tiny theater in Hollywood filled with talk radio people, so I’m kinda at a disadvantage here in having full access to everything), but it SHOULD work. And that way, you can come right here to this post and see all of the shows and Chris’ segments from the beginning. That’s the plan, anyway. If that doesn’t happen (and until I can break free from Radio Convention Bondage to move stuff around) or if you just want to see the introduction video with Chris, try this:

And this is the Walking Dead Escape video, hosted by Dan Casey:

UPDATE: So, it works for the videos above and not on the main page. Huh. So I’ve swapped out the Chris intro video for the main page. I’M SURE YOU CARE. Anyway, everything should work now. There.

So, there it is. And don’t forget to watch The Walking Dead and Talking Dead Sunday night on AMC.

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