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Welcome Back, Mike and Sulley: Trailers for “Monsters University” Arrive

Disney/Pixar released four — count ’em, four — trailers previewing Monsters University today. That was one. Here are the others, and, yes, they’re all the same with only one small difference:



The difference, of course, is the line Mike/Billy Crystal mutters in his sleep, at the 28-second mark. They’re taking votes on your favorite here. And if the sequel to Monsters, Inc. has you excited, you’ll have to wait until 2013 to see the finished product. But maybe you can tide yourself over with Brave this weekend.


  1. Matt Mitchell says:

    The “Pony” line was great. The rest, not so much. “____ Goes to College” normally sounds dumb to me, but by the end of that, I was hooked