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Weird Al Yankovic Wants George R.R. Martin To Finish the Damn Books Already

Weird Al Yankovic Wants George R.R. Martin To Finish the Damn Books Already

Standing next to a be-Joffrey’d Andy Samberg (because who else would play the bratty boy-king than a member of the Lonely Island?), “Weird Al” Yankovic suggested — nay, musically implored — George R.R. Martin to just hurry the heck up already and finish writing the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. We need more  Game of Thrones ASAP.

During Monday night’s (that is still a very weird thing to type, to be honest) Emmy Awards ceremony, viewers at home and in the audience were treated to the comedic stylings of “Weird Al” as he sang and sashayed his way through the several of the nominated series’ theme songs, complete with show-related lyrics to boot.

It was more than a little bit obvious that Weird Al is clearly a huge Game of Thrones fan (all the best ones are, really). And he, just like so many of you book readers out there, has more than a few concerns about the author being able to finish the last two books in the series. Because, y’know, Martin probably can’t get enough of hearing that complaint.

At least he got a sweet, sweet typewriter out of the deal, though, eh?

Also amazing? Samberg’s Joffrey showed up quickly after the sketch to annoy his TV mother, Lena Headey, and it was all sorts of delightful and hilarious. We would very much like to see a Joffrey v. Joffrey video now, wherein Jack Gleeson and Samberg try to out-Joff one another. MAKE IT SO, PLEASE!

Who do YOU think makes a better Joffrey? Sound off in the comments.


  1. Weird Al is the best.. but a little late to this particular game: