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Weekend Earworms: Father Knows the Best Tunes

Weekend Earworms: Father Knows the Best Tunes

An estimated 92% of us experience earworms. Despite the annoying times we can’t get a chorus or a hook of an overplayed pop song out of our heads, getting a really good earworm stuck can be one of the best things, ever. We here at Nerdist are dead set on bringing you those types of songs—even if only for the weekend. So shove this into your grey matter!

It’s Father’s Day today and I hope you have the opportunity to tell someone in your life that fits that description that you love/appreciate/respect them. Whether it’s a biological family member, step-parent, sibling, or a family friend, whomever played the role of “dad” at times in your life (even if it was your mom): it’s their day, so tell them that you’re thinking of them.

On a day like today, I felt the need to write a bit about the music I always attribute to my dad and it’s certainly not because I totally blanked on sending a card. I promise it won’t get as sappy as when I shared my parent’s wedding song, but be warned there’s some sentiment ahead.

The music below might be some of the most iconic I’ve ever shared so there aren’t going to be any groundbreaking tracks that have never been heard before (there never are), but it did get me thinking about something. There is an entire generation of people who get to count this music as a tent pole in what defined them as a person growing up. There are always going to be people who discover this music after the fact, but to be young during the original phenomena and experience it firsthand is something incredibly special. Here are some tracks from some of my dad’s favorite bands.

The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up”

Whenever I hear the Rolling Stones, I think of my dad. They’ve been making music for almost twice as long as I’ve been alive so it’s impossible to share one song that defines them or glean a favorite from even the most casual of fans. The Stones (as well as the following bands) have pushed through the threshold of anyone having a single favorite and can only be discussed in full conversations about the dozens of songs someone loves. However, any video of Mick Jagger and his signature dance moves will always remind me of my father. My dad is the best kind of lovable goof (a quality I’ve always emulated) and any time the Stones were playing during my childhood you’d better believe my dad would, if only for a moment, do his best rendition of Jagger to elicit a smile from someone in the family. Doesn’t matter where we were/are (although family gatherings are always a sight to see) but for a second or two his hands are high on his hips as he puts on his best Mick Jagger face until someone in the vicinity reacts.

Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”

A few years ago, my brothers and I sent my parents to an Aerosmith show and it was a weird and awesome thing to hear my dad gush about it like a 10 year old just leaving the Lego Movie. Aerosmith was another band on steady rotation at the Rodgers household and it occurs to me now that I, and other 30-somethings, are extremely lucky to have parents in this sweet spot on the musical timeline. Car trips as a kid were spent singing along to one of two things: awesome golden oldies or some of the greatest rock music ever made. And while I can’t say I’m a super-fan of any of the bands in this article, I have to give credit where credit is due. Especially considering 15 years from now someone may write a Father’s Day article about how fondly they recall singing along to Puddle of Mudd and Hoobastank. To that future writer: I am so sorry.

The Beatles – “Can’t Buy Me Love”

I know there’s someone out there doubting that someone can be a fan of the Stones, Aerosmith, AND the Beatles but anyone who would say that doesn’t really enjoy the music at all. There’s no need to pit them against each other because I assure you that no one really cares. The Beatles serve as the third side to the holy trinity of music I attribute to my dad. GeorgeHarrisonPlush061916As I mentioned earlier, a band like this made such good music for such a long time that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. However, the ’60s Beatles is where my mind always seems to go when I think about them and my dad. Likely because we had this George Harrison doll thing on a bookcase for pretty much my entire life. Plus, early Beatles are undeniably the most earwormy.

Father’s Day isn’t marked by many themes in stores, movies on TV or any specific tradition other than appreciating the person in your life that was there for you. The Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Aerosmith will hold a special place in my heart because each band is part of the musical education my dad gave me by simply sharing what he enjoyed. Everyone’s playlist for a day like today is a bit different, but this was a sampling of mine in honor of the man that, along with my mom, managed to get four hyperactive terrors to become decent adults without any major hiccups.

My brothers and I are the men we are today thanks in part to the man who raised us with love, respect, a sense of humor, and a great taste in music. Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Share some of your favorite dad-associated bands in the comments below!

Images: Aerosmith/The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/


Blake Rodgers writes for Nerdist from Chicago, IL where he lives happily with his Guinness World Record for High Fives. You can be his pal by following him on Twitter (@TheBlakeRodgers)

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