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Web Soup’s Golden Download Awards Re-Airs Today!


JUUUUUST in case you missed its premiere last night, please watch Web Soup’s hour-long Golden Download Awards special today at 10am PT/1pm ET and again at 10pm PT/1am ET. 10s or 1s, depending on your coastal preference. Isn’t that tidy?

Special appearances by “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jack Black, Kobe Bryant, Sara Jean Underwood, Joel McHale, Samm Levine, Watermelon Head, and my personal favorites Hard ‘n Phirm.

Watch me give out awards to the best Virals of the year in what can only be described as “an avalanche of nut-punching eye-heroin.” Seriously watch. I don’t want this fucking show to get canceled. Haven’t I had ENOUGH canceled shows in my career? I’m looking at YOU, “Shipmates”….

Web Soooooooooooooooooooup!!!

Image: G4

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  1. Demitri says:

    EVEN BETTER THAN TOSH.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Deltus says:

    If they cancel your show, I’ll… well, I’ll be upset, anyway. I wouldn’t boycott G4, I love AOTS too much. But I’d write them a strongly worded letter!

  3. kwak says:


    Twenty Twelve!

  4. “I don’t want this fucking show to get canceled.”

    Dude, pppplease… you ain’t goin’ nowhere!
    If G4 kicks you to the curb, they will have lost the best entertainment on broadcast TV. Every ROFLMMFAO Web Soup episode leaves me in stitches! Keep up the good work.

  5. Ian says:

    There must be a warning on my TV when the maggot foot comes on. I was eating dammit

  6. Giggleloop says:

    I watched the first airing of this & didn’t see a HnP song? I might have to go watch it again & pay closer attention!

  7. smartbunny says:

    LOVED the song w/Phirm!

    Favorite title card: WTF with Shining Reference.
    (also cannot eat dinner during Things You Can’t Unsee)

  8. lea says:

    I just caught it on my DVR. Nice work! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for season 2.

  9. Tully says:

    Chris, I don’t want this show to get the axe either. It’s brilliant, occasionally hard to watch (MAGGOT FOOT!), but in the end thoroughly entertaining.

    Count me in, sir. I will be watching with bells on. The incessant jingling will likely annoy the crap out of my neighbors, however.

  10. claycjm says:

    if u got time warner cable its on 245 or if u got cable u cant watch it depends where u live . the channel nuber changes if u live i a different place

  11. Charles says:

    We don’t get G4 here in northern San Diego county. Where can I watch this online?

  12. Paul says:

    Might be easier to watch it if it wasn’t on at 1PM (when I’m at work) and 1AM (when I’m sleeping, so that I can go to work in the morning.) I’ll record it, though! I promise!

  13. claycjm says:

    everyone whos sees this go to youtube and look up bum fights the origal

  14. claycjm says:

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  15. claycjm says:

    hi i love ur show i also have some youtube videos to look up .smooth the song by super ed. charlie the unicorn . and the ducksong