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I have to show this off, because a) they’re cool and b) the artist’s name is close to mine, although, as far as I know, we’re not related. Michael Anthony Simon, a Chicago native now based in Korea, according to the description first posted last April at Beautiful Decay but now making the rounds on the Net, does this: “First, he locates and captures a particularly industrious breed of spider in the surrounding areas, and then (with a bit of guidance) allows them to do what spiders do best – build webs. Once completed, he returns the spiders to where he found them, and begins coating the webs in countless layers of misted lacquer.” Which results in these:






And here you thought spiderwebs were just things to be cleaned out of the corners of your apartment.

(By the way, over the months, somehow his first and middle name got transposed. I think Michael Anthony Simon is the correct order)

HT: Beautiful Decay, Neatorama