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We Are The World 25.75

Comedy Death-Ray strikes again!  You may remember the all-comedian cover of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” or you may just remember that it’s the holidays, and this kind of shit pops up a lot.

This year Scott Aukerman, Funny or Die and ace musician/producer Mike Phirman have created a wonderful tribute to that ok, millionaires-singing-for-poor-kids project “We Are the World.” Then you probably realized that there was already one unnecessary remake of it this year with all sorts of American Idol-y showboaty soul yodeling. So fucking what? It’s a free country. Why can’t we remake a just remade song??? It’s to raise money for hungry people, you judgmental asshat!

I, for one, think they all did a fantastic job. Performing with “Weird Al” fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine, and watching Maria Bamford and Dragon Boy Suede toasts my heart with goodness. Also, Kurt Fucking Russell!!! How rad is that??? I’d say “pretty dang.” And “here here” to the rest of the comics involved. I am genuinely thankful to be a part of such a great community of funny folks.

Also purchase the new Comedy Death-Ray Xmas CD, also 100% for charity. C’mon! You have money!!!