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Watkins Family Hour #6: March Madness

WFH Podcast #6 was recorded March 21st 2012 at Largo at the Coronet Theater. Guests in this episode are Dawes, Jackson Browne, Mike & Ruthie, Molly O’Brien & Rich Moore, as well as very special guest bass player Mike Elizondo. ¬†Highlights include Dawes’ amazing song “A Little Bit of Everything” and a beautiful all-skate version of Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times”.


  1. JL says:

    They have a new podcast up but it’s not here on the site.

  2. JL says:

    Was a fan of this podcast before they landed here. They don’t put out new episodes that often but when they do they are really good.

  3. Don B says:

    I listen to Sara Watkin’s on A Prairie Home Companion a lot – love her singing there. This podcast is in that same wheelhouse – enjoyed it!

  4. Lee Benningfield says:

    Sweet, I didn’t realize they’d been podcasting this. I’ve been listening to Sara Watkins’ solo stuff a lot lately, and I just heard Fiona Apple talking about this show on the WTF podcast, and I’ve been meaning to look into it. This is perfect.

  5. Vincent S says:

    hmm… this was on the list of podcasts in the podcast tab but there wasn’t any updates from this podcast on the Nerdist site. hmmm… I might be wrong.

    Anyways, another thing to add to the long list of podcasts from Nerdist. @_@ this woman’s voice is like an angel.