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Watkins Family Hour #11: Booker T!

Watkins Family Hour #11: Booker T!

This show was recorded January 25th, 2012, live at Largo at the Coronet Theater in Losand features special guests: Booker T, Blake Mills, and Willie Watson. 

We were so honored to have the legendary Booker T join us.  One highlight of this podcast is Booker’s rendition of Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. Also, be sure to check out Willie Watson and Blake Mills doing “Rock, Salt and Nails”. This show was multi-track recorded by Jesse Honig and mixed by Tyler Chester, making it our best sounding podcast yet.


  1. Vincent S says:

    I like this podcast to change up whatever it is in my playlist. Thank you, Watkins siblings.

  2. Drakeo says:


    I thought it was the other Booker T too….

  3. aredubya says:

    It’s a lovely song, but I was really disappointed that Booker T did not whip out his patented Spinaroonie. (Google it, nerds – or Bing it, for Jonah’s sake).