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Watching This 7 Pound Burger Challenge Go Wrong Is Not Appetizing

Warning: Do not watch this while actually eating yourself, because it contains multiple instances of men throwing up into buckets…and then something even more disgusting happens.

This July 4th weekend you might find yourself downing a burger or two, but how many pounds of that perfect American food do you think you’ll actually consume? One pound? Maybe two? How about trying to down seven pounds of bread, meat, and cheesy goodness?

All in an hour.

That’s just what the guys from the YouTube channel and CMT show Dude Perfect attempted to do, when they had two members take on the El Jefe Grande seven pound burger challenge at Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco, Texas.

Before they even sat down to the behemoth burger though, they had competitive eater Ramsay Hilton come in to try and train the combatants. Who knew preparing to eat a mammoth plate of meat and bread involved so much lettuce and broccoli.

When they finally sat down to see who could eat more of the burger–only four people have ever finished it, including their trainer Ramsay Hilton, so this was about who would eat the most–it was Cody (a.k.a. “The Disposal” and his great “chipmunking” ability) vs. Coby (a.k.a. “The Consumer”), facing El Jefe and each other.

“The Consumer” in red won the burger war when “The Disposal” threw up (all of America lost with those stupid names), but somehow the champion came away the biggest loser in all of this.

Because he pooped his pants.

Yup. Throwing up is an automatic disqualification, but having “an accident” feels like the more shameful outcome. So this holiday weekend, don’t try to eat seven pounds of hamburger, but if you do, definitely don’t wear white shorts.

What’s the biggest burger you think you could eat? We’re hungry to hear from you in the comments below.

Image: Dude Perfect/CMT

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