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If not for me or delightful web videos, then watch for the lovely Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) who will be hottening up the show with her presence.

A brand new Web Soup airs tonight at 8p ET, right after Attack of the Show on G4! Please keep watchin’ em so we can keep makin’ em!

RE: the above picture. This was taken at a Bowling Proprietor’s convention in Las Vegas in 1980. What a machine! I mean, DUAL 5″ FLOPPY DRIVES!!! Look at the concentration and intensity in my eyes…the gadget lust…this would spawn a long and tumultuous relationship with computers that would manifest itself through a purchase the following year of my very first terminal: a Radio Shack TRS-80 that barely booted up.

What was your first computer?

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

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  1. Dawn says:

    That would be the ultra snazzy comodore 64 chris. Ahhh, the memories!

  2. Alexa Burks says:

    All I remember is that it was black and it had Windows 95. And I was 7. I remember being so excited when my grandma got a computer because hers had Windows 98 and it was just “so much faster”.

  3. Now that, sir, is true love.

    I don’t even remember my first computer…only playing Wolfenstein, Lemmings, Battle Chess and a crazy learn-to-type lobster game…ah, the quality goodness.

  4. Arizoned says:

    The Apple ][+ in 1979, rockin’ the 64K memory (48K + the expansion card)! Applesoft & Integer BASIC, 6502 Assembly Language… Brings back fond memories. Not to mention the games! Snake Byte, Taxman, Star Blazer, Gorgon, Space Eggs, etc.

    Ahhh… Good times.

  5. Baker says:

    My first computer was an Apple II e with about 100 blown pixels… oh how i mis dos and forgotten command prompts 🙁 follow me @tendervittlebit

  6. Heath says:

    Was it a law in the 80’s that all kids had either an afro or the Adam Rich Special haircut?

  7. Amerah says:

    My first computer was a Sony VAIO. I’m young.

  8. Joey says:

    My first comp was a Tandy. It had dual 5” floppies as well and I could play a version of Dig Dug that was one color, green (and I fucking loved it !). 🙂

  9. DudelRok says:

    My first PC wasn’t until my 11th grade year in school and that was in the year 2004. Yeah, talk about “late to the party”. Shared PC with my younger sibling, which was in my siblings room.

    Though in elementary school “Lab Day” was always my favorite. Got to go into the “Computer Lab” (which was also the Art Lab more than 1/2 the time) and poke at our schools brand new Apples! I don’t remember to much, being about 7ish at the time, but the fact that the floppies were rather large and easy to destroy.

  10. Nick says:

    My first computer was a TRS-80, but I didn’t get it until the early 90s. I loved firing it up without a floppy in the drive. It loaded up the BASIC programming language, which I excelled at.

    I provide for you here, the source code to my first virus:

    10 print “Look at me run!”
    20 GOTO 10

  11. John Gundich says:

    Commodore-16 baby. Nothing like typing in code for 2 hours to only see a pair of lines do a wave for 4 seconds. Oh, to type “Go to” again. Nothing worse than typing in “End,” hitting enter, and then nothing happens because you missed some random number somewhere. Shit!

    Oh, and it had that awesome cassette desk. My first program that I wrote with the extreme help of my brother-in-law was called “Odie.” We asked Odie (from Garfield) prewritten questions to get stupid answers. So awesome at the time…so lame now.

  12. Ana says:

    My first computer was a Tandy. I almost forgot about that thing!

  13. Sumyunguy says:

    I was remembering last night how my father and I used to pack up our C64, floppy drive, and small tv then go to a local computer club where they had drawers and drawers full of floppy disks.

    You would flip through a notebook listing all the games and programs then find the floppy with corresponding number in the drawers.

    You could copy as much as you wanted got a small fee. Load the disk, copy disk, load blank disk, write to disk

    I remember playing jumpman forever!!!!

  14. Doug B says:

    My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 and I was able to buy a datasette drive for it to save the hours of work I spent typing in the Basic code for games from a magazine I use to get. I also tried to write my own games and got a football simulation to work but it was all text. I also was able to get a Hayes 300 baud modem – had to listen for the pickup tone then quickly unplug the handset cord from the handset and plug into the modem cart. BBS’s were my friend then.

    I got to learn Basic on a Trash-80 Model I our Jr High had bought and you could use it during study hall.

  15. Mary says:

    Aw cutie.

    My first computer was an Apple 2c haha. Still remember playing dig dug and Lemonade on it.

  16. Mikkyg says:

    First computer was the C64. Also had the “portable” version which weighs pretty much the same as the desktop and has a 3″ screen. Still have it and still use it on occasion when the mood strikes. Donating it to a museum soon, true story.

  17. Teufulhund says:

    First puter was a 1985 Commodore 128 but it didn’t work so my parents took it back and got a 64. Still have it! Hoping it will be worth millions someday 🙂
    Load “*” ,8,1….wow that brings back some memories of the good ol’ days

  18. Janice says:

    my first computer at home was a Commodore 64. i loved that it had a cartridge slot on the keyboard. we had the cassette drive and floppy drive peripherals as well. but my first computer memory was going to my dad’s office (he was a Sr Systems Analyist at a hospital) and writing letters to my great-grandmother, that he would then print out on the green/white-striped dot matrix paper. i love that paper. i still have some and i use it for drawings. 🙂

    oh, and my dad may actually still have the computer. he’s kept almost every computer we’ve owned since 1982, including a weird “portable” Tandy that was only slightly smaller than a guitar case. go, dad!

  19. Danielle H says:

    Apple IIc in 1985. It was my BFF.

  20. My first computer was a PC Didn’t-have-a-model-name! I still have it and I still use it to play old DOS games. It had not only a 3.5″ and 5″ floppy drive but also a CD-ROM that was, I believe 4x speed. OOOH-WEEE what a machine.

  21. AnotherJen says:

    Apple iIe at home Apple IIc at school.

  22. Dickery says:

    My first was also Vic 20- the cassette storage was called “datasette”. Next came the Commodore 64. It could do ANYTHING with only 64k- if you knew how to use it.

  23. BethanyBob says:

    Those 5″ floppy drives are pretty sweet!

    My first computer was a Tandy — one of the 1000’s, I think. I was three years old (in 1991) when my dad taught me how to use it. He had it set up so that when I typed in my name, it brought up a Sesame Street game. I’ve been hooked on computers ever since.

  24. Heather says:

    Coleco ADAM. D: I believe I got it for my birthday in 84, maybe. My parents had bought for a pretty good price from our next door neighbor because they had deemed it useless. I, on the other hand, thought it was the most amazing machine ever… I mean, Buck Rogers!!!!

  25. Joe Bua says:

    Chris, I’ll watch tonight but you gotta promise me you’ll consider upping your caloric intake a bit, it makes me sad to look at you sometimes. Maybe a slice of pizza, or have someone drive you (don’t walk, it burns calories) to the Marie Callendar’s down the street from the Comcast offices for some pie.

    Pie is good. Maybe the turkey dinner, too. Extra mashed potatoes.

    McHale makes that network money from NBC, have him pay.

  26. Val says:

    The first computer I was ever exposed to was an Apple IIe, which was bought by my grandmother, because she thought it would be less of a pain than a typewriter. She never learned to operate it. Then, we got a Tandy 5000 with FOUR WHOLE COLORS ON THE SCREEN!! So very high tech!

    I still have my Apple IIe. I saved it from my brother, who was going to turn it into a fishtank.

  27. TRS-80 Model I, 4K RAM with Level I BASIC and a cassette tape drive. I bought it from the local radio shack with money I saved up from bussing tables. A couple of months later, I bought a 16K RAM upgrade kit from Godbout electronics and installed it (with my Dad’s help.) Thus began a long and storied career in geeky gadgetry.

  28. amy says:

    a 1984 apple macintosh. i’ve belonged to steve jobs since kindergarten.

  29. Machoot says:

    Look at the fire in your eyes, Nerdist!
    My first machine was some old 386 running DOS 6.
    Hoyle games FTW.

  30. Marty says:

    A Vic-20. I believe I wrote the world’s first first person shooter, without the shooting part (ran out of memory just walking down a hallway) Very vector graphics looking, used the peek and poke commands with the built in sprites. Later a friend got the Commodore 64. WOW! Anyone remember Red Storm Rising? That was the pinnacle of Submarine games.

  31. elizabeth ann says:

    Atari 800 complete with tape deck game player!

  32. Dex says:

    My first computer was an IBM PC jr
    Pac Man, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, Pitfall… ah, youth

  33. NeuroMan42 says:

    Frakking awesome… my moment was in Sears with my Grandfather, getting a full Commodore 64 setup. He just got home from work at General Electric, he got a bonus from some stuff his department designed for the Space Shuttle.

  34. hijinx says:

    My dad was a computer programmer for AT&T so we were around computers a lot. He used to bring STACKS of the punch cards home and we used them make our own card set with them. Didn’t have our own computer at home for a LONG time (since Dad worked on them all day at work), but I remember our elementary school getting a couple of Apple IIe s. As one of the older kids in the Gifted program, we were trained to use the computers first – then they had US teach the 1st and 2nd graders how to use them.

  35. Bill says:

    Are you sure those aren’t 8″ floppy drives?
    First computer: C64, with cassette drive storage. That took forever to load stuff.

  36. I still have my very first computer: Commodore 64 — I love that thing!

  37. Suebee says:

    ALSO a TRS-80, but the kind you plug into a TV… just a keyboard! LOL!

  38. georg says:

    My first computer was a Heathkit I made with my dad in the basement – it was a 16K with a tape drive, and I had to write all of the games in BASIC on my own. I played mainly random number guessing games. Later we upgraded and got it a 300 BAUD modem, so dad could connect with ARPAnet.

  39. Justin says:

    I think i had the exact same haircut that year…

  40. tom says:

    My first computer was an Atari 800XL, which also played Atari cartridges. Had a 5.25 floppy drive and a cassette drive for programming backups.

  41. Katherine says:

    My very first computer was some old IBM that my aunt used at CoreState bank. The monitor got burned in and voila, a fine paper weight for me! I could at least press the keyboard and pretend that HR was just dying for me to finish that TPS report.

    My first *working* computer was an AST 486 (big plus on the ‘working’ part!). I loved that thing.

  42. My first was a Commodore VIC-20. We added the external cassette drive later (couldn’t afford the external 5″ floppy) so we wouldn’t lose all our hard work inputting code when we turned the machine off.

  43. Don says:

    If you don’t count the Pong machine that connected to the TV…

    a Commodore 64!

    From Zork, to Bard’s Tale, to the Ultima series… and beyond.

  44. barb says:

    I had a trash-80 too!! Actually, the first computer we had was an even earlier Radio Shack model — it had a silver case (very space age) and stored onto a cassette.

  45. Hannahbeth says:

    Still waiting on it, hah.

  46. Brian says:

    I wish I had a picture like that! I had a TI-99/4A! I din’t have a disk drive; I had a place for cartridges, and to save data, the computer used a cassette recorder. WTF?

    Anyway, my next computer was an Apple and I haven’t looked back.

  47. acornahern says:

    and old IBM 5170
    We played Wheel of Fortune on it.
    God I love seeing how far computers have come in such a short time

  48. Ankhst says:

    My first PC was a Tandy Color Computer — so, almost the same thing

  49. Patti says:

    Adorable!! Computers were your destiny, Chris! So glad they are such a big part of your life.

  50. Nando says:

    It’s amazing to watch memories like this.

    That computer’s design kick ass, BTW.