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Watch The National Goof Around in Outtakes From MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS

Watch The National Goof Around in Outtakes From MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS

Generally speaking, I never listen to the National for good chuckle. This isn’t to say that wry or darkly humorous moments never shine through in their songwriting; just that I am generally more interested in the gravitas of their musicianship.

That’s why my favorite moments of the band’s documentary, Mistaken For Strangers, which debuted this past March, were those in which we got glimpses of Matt Berninger–who is a frequent podcast guest–The Dessner brothers, and the Devendorf brothers cracking smiles, making fun of each other, and being subtle smart asses.

Good news for those out there who felt the same way: Matt’s brother Tom, the director of Mistaken for Strangers just offered some bonus material from the eventual Blu Ray/DVD release, which I will be sure to buy right away whenever it comes out (soon pls).

In the clips below you’ll find Tom addressing sibling rivalry by asking which brother is smarter, better at his instrument, and the evil one? They’re very smile inducing moments that I am glad we get to see though they didn’t make sense in the meta film about fraught relationships and the entitlement of moderate fame. Thank god for these three pairs of brothers.

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  1. Doddy Bigital says:

    I HATED that tour manager.

    • Aj says:

      Then their editing was successful! (they openly spoke with him about being the ‘villain’ of the film!)