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Watch the First Clip From CHEAP THRILLS

Watch the First Clip From CHEAP THRILLS

What would you do to get $500? The first official clip from Drafthouse Films’ Cheap Thrills shows the stars of the movie delivering on slightly violent dares to get some cash. That’s the overall theme of the dark comedy: How far would you go for quick money? You think you know what your limits are, but what if you were pushed?

Craig (Pat Healy) and his friend (Ethan Embry) are at least willing to to deliver slaps and punches for payment; Though it seems like the wealthy stranger offering them money (David Koechner) seems innocent enough in this one minute peek at the film, I have a hunch the challenges get progressively questionable. See for yourself (the clip is not entirely safe for work):

Cheap Thrills will be in theaters on March 21 and is already available On Demand. Don’t forget to read our review of the film.

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