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Watch MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage Explore Comic-Con in Another Adam Incognito

Watch MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage Explore Comic-Con in Another Adam Incognito

Every year at Comic-Con, one of the most notable and anticipated events is the appearance by fan favorites Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, better known as the duo behind Discovery’s Mythbusters. However, in addition to the yearly panel, Adam always takes the con one step further, with the help of, by showing off his maker skills in a little competition known as Adam Incognito. During the annual scavenger hunt, Adam dawns an elaborate cosplay and walks the show floor, tasking fans with the job of finding him. Recently, we showed you one Incognito that Savage did with an Alien inspired space suit.

In today’s video of the maker-extraordinaire’s second walk at the con, Savage takes a more traditional approach:

You can actually view the entire creation of this Mercury replica in the following video:

Perhaps Norm said it best: this is the perfect costume for someone like Adam. It’s not so noteworthy that everyone on the floor will want to stop him for pictures (whether they know it’s him or not), but it’s also not so basic that it doesn’t require a lot of work from someone at Adam’s skill level.

There are few that do SDCC better than Adam Savage, and Adam Incognito is a big reason why. The mythbuster has turned his mere presence into a game, and thus embracing what it means to have a good time at the yearly convention. Well done, Mr. Savage. Well done.

What do you think of this latest Adam Incognito? Let us know in the comments below!