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Watch MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage Explain His ALIEN Space Suit From Comic-Con

Watch MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage Explain His ALIEN Space Suit From Comic-Con

As we’ve discussed before, beyond being a MythBuster extraordinaire, Adam Savage is also a maker, and a damn good one at that. Over the years, the man has continued to impress us with his crafting skills, mostly through his prop and costume replica collection, that Savage makes in his personal San Francisco shop.

But because so many of his items are built to be seen, every year during Comic-Con, the former special effects artist takes a couple creations with him to San Diego for the purpose of walking the floor in style, and this year was no exception. Now with the convention behind us, the folks over at Tested have finally unveiled a detailed video of Savage explaining his Alien suit that, according to the maker, had been ten years in the making:

We were absolutely floored by the level of detail seen on the suit during Comic-Con, but we had no idea how much more there really was. All the fine-tuning and attention to detail is mindboggling, and really explains why this project took Savage ten years to complete. The video is also a great example of how Savage’s projects are ever evolving. For example, despite heavily discussing the cooling system he intended to use on the show floor, as we learned in the Adam Incognito video, that cooling fan was ultimately dropped from use.

Tonight marks the end of MythBusters’ current run on Discovery until 2015, but as long as videos keep coming from Savage and the Tested crew, the wait won’t be so bad.


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