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Watch Confused Teens React to Windows 95

Millennials have given the world no shortage of hilarious reactions to “ancient” fads and technologies (though they’re only funny until you remember how old you are). Windows 95 is the latest phenomenon to leave these teens dumbfounded.

Fine Brothers Entertainment operate a YouTube channel in which they capture people reacting to things that, based on age-specific trends, seem entirely alien to them. Past episodes of REACT have included “Elders React to Deez Nuts Vine Compilation” and “Kids React to Pokémon (Retro TV).” In “Teens React to Windows 95,” the host guides teens through the computing processes that defined the pioneering operating system.

“The operating system on this computer—in many ways—changed the face of desktop computing forever,” he tells them. After struggling to turn the computer on, most of the teens commented on the amount of startup noise. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a computer make those sounds in my life,” one said.

Throughout the video, the host introduces such foreign concepts as DOS, the 13-inch floppy disks required to install Windows 95, and the (godforsaken) days of dial-up. “If you go somewhere and they don’t have wi-fi, that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you,” said one teen.

Many of us will probably waggle our fingers at their lack of appreciation, proclaiming that we earned this era of electronic immediacy by suffering countless vexations; they just showed up and here it was! Still, who among us wouldn’t agree that not having wi-fi is pretty much the worst? Another of the teens summed up that quandary: “A lot of older people will watch this video and say ‘Oh, look at these people that don’t know what Windows 95 is’… it’s not my fault I was born after this.”

That’s true but I’ll still probably waggle my fingers a little. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you remember your experiences with Windows 95? Does anyone else feel nostalgic for it? Just me?

HT: Fine Brothers Entertainment

IMAGE: Fine Brothers Entertainment/Youtube

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