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Watch Conan Film A Cameo For VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL Live On-Air

Watch Conan Film A Cameo For VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL Live On-Air

With its final season currently in the throes of post-production, all eyes are on Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold and the rest of the RocketJump crew as they finish up the last of their breakout web series, Video Game High School. With appearances by Zachary Levi and nerd-overlord Chris Hardwick, the series is no stranger to celebrity appearances, but this one might be the craziest. During an appearance by Wong and Arnold on Conan, the duo asked host Conan O’Brien to film a cameo for the final season, which he of course did because he’s, well, Conan. Check it out:

That’s Conan for ya: the dude is nothing if not willing to do anything for a laugh, even if it means taping a cameo for a web series that he isn’t going to be paid for. Let’s see Letterman go that distance!

In all seriousness though, it is interesting to think about how little the RocketJump crew needs to pull off appearances and production for Video Game High School. When you think about the scope of VGHS, it makes you wonder how Hollywood can consistently waste so much money on such a consistent basis when these guys are out there getting Conan to appear in their series during HIS interview of them. That’s some crazy good producing skills right there.

If you want to see the interview in full, watch this:

Are you looking forward to seeing Conan on the final season of Video Game High School? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Greg Elve says:

    I’m not looking forward to Conan’s cameo, because that means VGHS is almost over and I WANT MOAR.