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Watch Chromeo’s Extra Funky In-Flight Safety Video

Watch Chromeo’s Extra Funky In-Flight Safety Video

It appears as though Chromeo’s David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel have borrowed the Soul Plane from Snoop and very dutifully coordinated the below in-flight safety video, which absolutely 100% would not help you survive any sort of catastrophe. Having said that, I would much prefer to endure crash landing because of a disco inferno than just a regular inferno. Watch as Chromeo put the “freak” in frequent flyer and make the most horribly inconvenient mode of transportation seem groovy as hell.

Is it just me or does it seem like Virgin Airlines is probably the best equipped to house the disco emergency lights? They already have that purple lighting that makes you feel like your in some sort of seedy foreign airborne night club. Just add fold-down keyboard trays and oxygen mask bongs and viola! Someone get Richard Branson on the line; we’ve got serious business to discuss.

Check out the video below via Funny Or Die: