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Watch Chris Pratt Give a Tour of his GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ship, the Milano

Watch Chris Pratt Give a Tour of his GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ship, the Milano

It’s no secret that people love the Guardians of the Galaxy, which shattered August release records, as well as studio expectations, and made the movie is a bonafide success. Heck, our own Kyle Anderson said some pretty nice things in his review of the movie. Personally, I’m obsessed. I already ordered the soundtrack on vinyl, bought a few stickers, a Rocket Racoon figure and will be first in line for the sure-to-be-released Groot… well… it’s a spoiler, but trust me, if you’ve seen the movie you want this too!

Continuing a spree of Guardians related content, Marvel posted a new video to their YouTube page, in which Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt (whose Twitter handle, @prattprattpratt, makes me chuckle every time I see it) gives a first hand guided tour of Peter Quill’s ship “The Milano”  — named after ’80s TV star Alyssa Milano, a childhood crush of Quill’s.

I love how many practical effects there were in the movie, starting with the ship, which moves and works and even has screens with weird stuff playing back on it. Not EVERYTHING has to be or is green screened, and this movie proves it!

Have you seen the movie? Did you love it? Hate it? How much would it cost to buy your way into a set visit for the sequel (asking for a friend)? Let me know your thoughts and more in the comments below or find me on the Tweeter.


  1. I saw Guardians on opening weekend! Very funny movie. I’m really excited about everything that was hinted to and set up for the future of the Marvel Universe.