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Watch Chris Hardwick on “Conan” Thursday Night

chrisonconan2012POSTHeads up: Our own Supreme Commander Chris Hardwick will be appearing on Conan tonight (Thursday, 2/21), 11/10c on TBS. Mila Kunis is also on tonight’s show, and Family of the Year is the musical guest.

What? You need more than that? Then watch Team Coco take on Team Nerdist on Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling again. It’s good. There’s even turkey pastrami:

Now, go sit in front of your TV, turn it on (essential), go to TBS (it’s in your cable guide. You can handle this), and wait until 11/10c, when you can watch Chris and Conan. Excellent.


  1. poiboy says:

    chris AND mila on the same show?? watch out chloe!! lol

  2. Jason G says:

    He’s on..tonight? And you already have a picture?!? Are you from the future? Or in Hedbergese- “Lemme see that camera!”