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Watch Chris Hardwick Host ‘Talking Bread’ On CONAN

Watch Chris Hardwick Host ‘Talking Bread’ On CONAN

When it comes to outlandish comedy sketches that consistently manage to take things one step further, there are few things more consistent than TBS’ late night delight Conan. Whether it’s a deep exploration into the art of Tinder or filming web-series cameos live on air, O’Brien is simply one of the funniest late night hosts in the business. But sometimes, even he needs to take a step away from the spotlight on his own series, and that’s where our very own Chris Hardwick comes into play with this brand new Conan sketch that will tickle you right in the tummy zone:

Man, Hardwick really naans it in this new short! Sorry, still got bread on the brie. I mean brain. Damnit.

But, seriously, who knew bread could be so fascinating? Like, Talking Dead is one thing, but I think there’s some very clear mileage to be had from hard-hitting bread discussions. Has anyone pitched this idea to Food Network yet? The people need something to go along with the Chopped marathons.

We also endorse Andy Daly and Tig Notaro as regular bread panelists that try new bread types brought in by various world-renowned bakers. Ratings gold, people. Ratings gold… and by gold we of course mean golden brown. Is that toast we smell? Someone get the jam!

Would you watch Talking Bread for real? Let us know in the comments below!