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Watch a Lot of People Get Hit By Buses (plus Other Supercuts)


There are supercuts of everything now. Patient editors who notice trends in film and television create videos of all the times X or Y happens. As much as I hate the word “tropes,” these videos definitely highlight the overuse of certain storytelling techniques. Case in point: the above video wherein editor Harry Hanrahan cuts together a great many (surely not all of them) of the times people are surprisingly hit by a bus (or car in some cases) out of nowhere.

It’s a morbid 12 and a half minutes, but it is really funny to see how many times people get plowed by automobiles. Most troubling is how oblivious and reckless the drivers of these vehicles appear to be. Watch where you’re going, ass! Many of these are through school zones; why would they be driving that fast?!?! What’s also interesting is the aftermath of the hit. Sometimes, the poor soul gets liquefied, sometimes they get trampled, and still other times they just get thrown forward. I think Mythbusters should do a test to see what would really happen to a body that got hit by a bus at the speeds depicted. Maybe that’s just me.

This one is by YouTube user Jukka-Pekka Bohm from a few weeks ago and illustrates every time people use the “business vs. personal” adage in movies. Makes me hate that phrase.


Slackstory gives everybody time to explain stuff. Usually they don’t get to.


Finally, just for the hell of it, here’s another from Slackstory giving you a heap of Clint Eastwood squinting. Cuz awesome.



  1. Lucy says:

    What? No Opportunity Knocks or Back to the Future?! : (

  2. Tish says:

    LOL Good stuff on people getting hit by vehicles.