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Watch a Hydraulic Press Try (and Fail) to Fold Paper 7 Times, Destroy Barbie Instead

I doubt there’s ever been a child that didn’t immediately run and grab a piece of paper after they were told there was a limit to how many times they could actually fold it. I also doubt there hasn’t been a child that wasn’t disappointed when it turned out to be true. Was there really a limit though? Or was it that as kids we lacked the strength to make it happen? Fortunately we grow up and get new, more powerful toys to play with, which means we can try folding that paper as tightly as possible using a hydraulic press.

In the above video from the aptly named YouTube account Hydraulic Press Channel, they attempt to fold a piece of paper seven times. Whether or not they were successful might be a matter of semantics. They did fold the paper a 7th time, but the press also disintegrated the paper, turning it into a stiff and crumbling mess.

Maybe paper just isn’t strong enough to hold up under that level of pressure, but plastic didn’t do any better, just ask this Barbie doll:

Okay, that had no right being that funny. I also expect that exact same scene to eventually be used in a horror movie.

Now demolished paper and plastic isn’t exactly surprising, so what about something with a little less give, something that would hurt if you got hit in the face with it? Something like a golf ball:

Yes, yes that will do.

They’ve got a few more videos up (that apparently Reddit just discovered were awesome), so make sure to check them out (warning: your phone should not be placed in a hydraulic press). Also, tell us in the comments below what else you’d like to see them squish.

Image: Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube

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