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Warner Bros. Dates the Next LEGO Movie, NINJAGO

Warner Bros. Dates the Next LEGO Movie, NINJAGO

This morning, Warner Bros. revealed that they have a date for the other LEGO movie in the pipeline, announcing a September 23rd, 2016 release for Ninjago.

You may have seen some of these little colorful ninjas in The LEGO Movie, but younger fans might be more familiar with them from the line of Ninjago minifigures and the Cartoon Network CG series, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

That series, currently in its third season, follows a quartet of elemental power-based ninjas as they face off against the villain Lord Garmadon and the Skeleton Army. There are also pirates, because of course there are pirates.

Will it recapture that LEGO Movie magic? That film’s directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Taylor are returning to produce, but there’s no word on who will be in the director’s chair – or I guess on the director’s PC – for this one. Animator and writer Bryan Shukoff will join writer/actor Kevin Chesley in penning the screenplay. Common thread: these two dudes worked on The Hard Times of RJ Berger together, so it should be interesting to see what kind of sensibility the duo bring to the material.

You have to wonder how the success of The LEGO Movie (whose sequel was previously dated for May 26, 2016) will affect the development of Ninjago. Could we see crossover between the two films given the successful “pile every franchise ever into one movie” formula of Lord and Taylor’s movie?

In the meantime, The LEGO Movie will be available on home video in June, but it’s also available now through streaming services like Amazon.

HT: Entertainment Weekly