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Want Some “Doctor Who” Clips?

Yes, the premiere is only a week and change away, but why would anybody want to wait that long to see bits of Doctor Who‘s long-awaited return, “The Bells of St. John?” Well, there are probably many quite legitimate reasons for wanting to wait to see the whole episode at once, but for those that have no such compunctions, here are some clips that have been going around the webs of late.

Here’s a clip shown when Matt Smith was on the UK’s Jonathan Ross talk show program(me).

Here’s a clip from something on BBC One.

And here’s a clip that was shown when Jenna-Louise Coleman was on The Late Late Show on Monday.

These clips HT: Doctor Who TV

All these clips illustrate the burgeoning teamliness of the Doctor and Clara. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new companion since… well, ever. It all kicks off on Saturday, March 30th at 8/9c on BBC America with “The Bells of St. John,” which Coleman herself described as being a “James Bond-esque espionage thriller set in London.” That’ll definitely be something new, but also, clearly the Doctor hasn’t lost his goofiness so it won’t be TOO Bond-like. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive clip:

And don’t touch that dial, if you’re watching in the U.S.; After “The Bells of St. John” comes the debut of the new series Orphan Black and, at 10/9c, the first of 10 all-new, never-before-seen episodes of The Nerdist, all on BBC America.


  1. I like how Clara herself is even tired of the whole “Doctor Who” question repetition after a few goes at it.

  2. Gary Bravender says:

    LOVE IT X 3!! Look like it’s gonna be a great new season Can’t wait!!
    How about some clips from the new season of the Nerdist on BBCA?