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‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ ‘True Blood’ At PaleyFest 2011

Just a heads-up here: Every year, the Paley Center for Media, which used to be the Museum of Television and Radio, holds “PaleyFest,” wherein panels discuss and celebrate some of TV’s most revered shows past and present. The sessions, at the museum in Beverly Hills, usually include the entire main cast of the show, plus the creator and other key personnel. They’re supposed to announce the PaleyFest 2011 lineup on January 19th, with tickets on sale to museum members on January 21st and to the general public on January 23rd, and the actual events take place March 4th through 18th, 2011; these things generally sell out fast, and past seasons have includes, well, everything, from “Glee” and “Family Guy” to “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” “Lost,” “Community,” “Modern Family,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and a lot more.

I’m telling you this because word has been leaked out in advance this year that some of the shows that Nerdist readers love the most are on this year’s list, namely “The Walking Dead,” “True Blood,” and a “Freaks and Geeks”/”Undeclared” reunion. Oh, and “American Idol,” too. The stars and the key creative personnel from each show are scheduled to be on hand. The room’s reasonably small, and the discussions have been lively in the past (you can get DVDs of past panels from the museum).

You can’t buy tickets yet, but now you’re on notice. Remember, members (it’s $70 for individuals, $50 for students and seniors, $100 for couples) get first crack at them, and then you have to pay for the tickets, too. You CAN buy a “premium pass” that includes admission to all the events plus more benefits, but that’s $1,200 each.

Anyway, if you’re a “Walking Dead” or “True Blood” or “Freaks and Geeks”/”Undeclared” or “American Idol” fan, and you can be in Beverly Hills in March, bookmark the Paley Center website now and get ready. The rest of you, carry on… until they announce a panel on a show YOU love. I’m holding out for a “Web Soup” panel, myself.