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WALKING DEAD Fans — Don’t Miss Tonight’s TALKING DEAD Season 5 Preview Special!

WALKING DEAD Fans — Don’t Miss Tonight’s TALKING DEAD Season 5 Preview Special!

Hope you’ve all had a relaxing 4th of July weekend, and had a chance to catch up on The Walking Dead via AMC’s weekend-long “Dead, White, and Blue” marathon. Now it’s time for some fresh craziness! Tonight at 9 PM/8c, AMC will feature a special advance look at season 5 of our beloved zombie epic with the Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special. Host Chris Hardwick will sit down and chat with executive producer and showrunner Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler about what lies ahead for our merry band of undead apocalypse survivors.

When we last left Rick and co. they had (well, most of ’em anyway) been imprisoned by the unfriendly folks at Terminus. Will they escape? Will they all survive escaping? Will Carol and Tyreese save them? Will Michonne reunite with her katana? And just where the hell was Beth taken after she was kidnapped? Lots of questions in need of answers. Fortunately, Gimple is an affable guy who doesn’t like to drive fans too insane with anticipation. So hopefully we’ll get a little insight into where things will go when The Walking Dead returns in October. And because AMC loves us so much they’re giving us a little more Dead goodness in the next two weeks…

On Tuesday night (July 8th) at 10PM/8c, AMC will present a new one-hour documentary called Inside The Walking Dead. According to the network,”the executive producers will discuss the process of mapping out the show and viewers will hear from all of the key production departments – from production design and special effects to costumes and makeup – about their role in crafting the world of The Walking Dead.” Then one week later, on Tuesday, July 15th at 10 PM/8c, AMC will premieres Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University. This documentary is for those of you who’ve long wondered what it takes to transform from an extra on the Walking Dead set to a full-fledged flesh-munching Walker. Viewers “will get an inside perspective on the choreography, acting and motivation behind each zombie, including a look at what takes place at The Walking Dead’s own Zombie School.”

Of course by the end of the month we’ll learn even more about season 5, when we hit the San Diego Comic-Con and chat with the show’s cast and crew. So buckle up — there’s a long road of awesomeness ahead!