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Wait a Minute! These GAME OF THRONES Characters Look Almost Happy in New Images

Wait a Minute! These GAME OF THRONES Characters Look Almost Happy in New Images

OK, OK, OK — this clearly cannot be right. There is no way in seven hells that anybody on Game of Thrones is going to end up even remotely happy at the end of all of this. I mean: right? All men must die after all — why do you think we have a fantasy fantasy league? — and this show loooooves to do just that. So why is everyone in these pictures looking borderline happy when that should, clearly, not at all be a thing? I mean, after last week’s episode, everyone should be on the brink of tears and brutal anxiety, right? I mean, seriously (and also SPOILERS): “The Laws of Gods and Men” left off with Tyrion facing nearly certain death, the people of Meereen quiiiiiiite unhappy, the Wall near the brink of a war with the Wildlings, and Sansa getting pummeled by her jealous Aunt Lysa. If anything, there should be nothing but death and utter destruction in these photos as worlds and families fall apart.

But instead we’re left with something worse, at least when it comes to Westeros: a glimmer of hope. Nearly each and every eye in these 4 new photos from Sunday night’s “Mockingbird” has that unmistakable light in it, meaning someone’s likely about to get crushed — emotionally, physically, or otherwise.

What, pray tell, could everyone be thinking in these pictures? Well, given that we’re prone to play pretend when it comes to the inner monologues of our favorite George R.R. Martin players, we’ve come up with options for each (which you can read and see in the gallery below). But, as always, we’d like to see your ideas and options as well — so hop on down to the comments, share your favorites and feel free to write a few of your own. Because isn’t like Game of Thrones — there’s no win or die here. Just a bunch of silly fun because Internet stuff!

So: why do you think they all look so nearly-happy (which in this world means they’re thrilled)? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Maria says:

    None of them look actually happy, sansa looks relieved but I if I explained why that would ruin the chapter for some people.

    • That is the one problem with being a book reader first: knowing well enough what’s coming (even if the showrunners have done a pretty decent job of throwing us off the scent in the past).

  2. RickR says:

    Blame Pharrell. That song affects everyone.