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Vomit Inducing Third-Person Oculus Rift Mod

Vomit Inducing Third-Person Oculus Rift Mod

The Oculus Rift is sure to provide you with many things: immersive and wondrous gaming experiences, countless alternative non-gaming applications, virtual reality optimism, and an unparalleled amount of dizziness and nausea. The latter of that can be found in abundance in a new prototype of a mod by the Polish open-source development group Mepi.

The mod, which surfaced on Kotaku this morning, allows folks to view themselves from a third person perspective through the VR headset. Sounds pretty meta, doesn’t it? Check out this craziness in the video below:

Malik has always fantasized about being a fly on the wall in his own life, but he doesn’t know if his stomach would be able to take toying around with this mod. Imagine what it would be like to go roller blading or watch a movie using this contraption. Malik imagines this thing is just as vomit inducing as it is cool to look at.

[HT: Kotaku]