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Viz to Release a New BATTLE ROYALE Novel in June

Viz to Release a New BATTLE ROYALE Novel in June

For fans of Battle Royale, one of the most tragic chapters in the novel, manga, and later film adaptation was the story of the girls in the lighthouse (things get real, bodies pile up, and a peaceful enclave is left bloody).

Well, in June, we’ll get to see the full story of the lighthouse girls in the single-volume manga, Battle Royale: Angel’s Borders from the writer of the original novel, Koushun Takami.

The good word from the publisher:

“In Battle Royale: Angel’s Borders, most of the students from Shiroiwa Junior High scatter as soon as they reach the remote island where they must participate in the latest round of the Program. But Yukie Utsumi and five of her friends lock themselves in the lighthouse, clinging to a desperate hope of survival. They all trust each other, but they also know that only one can survive the Battle Royale…”


Angel’s Border is kind of a big deal: this will be only the second published work from the 54-year-old Takami, whose Battle Royale stands as his sole work released out into the wild.

The book was adapted into the notorious 2000 film from director Kinji Fukasaku which was tough to see here in the states (legally) thanks to some expensive licensing rights (and not because of the content of the movie as rumor has held for ages). Fukasaku returned for its 2003 sequel, Battle Royale II, before health complications and his eventual death put the reins of the film in the hands of his son. It’s… not a good movie.

The sexually explicit and violent manga was released here in the states by Tokypop. You can still find the softcovers floating around, but the excellent Ultimate Edition hardcovers are pretty tough to locate for not-extortative prices.

In recent years, The CW was making noise about a television remake, but it seems most of those ideas made their way into The 100.

Battle Royale: Angel’s Borders will be in print and available digitally on June 17th.


  1. I’ll check it out. also people should really read the original that the movie and manga is based on. It is dark but there is humor in it(there has to be with this kind of story)VIZ also sells that as well.