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Virtually Bigger On the Inside


If you were among the many folks who were excited to watch last night’s Christmas episode of Doctor Who — which is to say, practically everyone who reads this site — you may have seen this already, but in case you didn’t, this guy, Greg Kumparak, a former Techcrunch mobile editor, built a model of the TARDIS with one essential element that most models can’t pull off: It’s bigger on the inside (or, as the new companion Clara Oswin Oswald said last night, smaller on the outside).

kumparaktardismodel2012Wait, how? Augmented reality, of course. Use his smartphone and it opens up the inside in a way that regular old un-augmented reality can’t. There have been some great uses of AR before — check out our sponsor (unsolicited plug!), the graphic novel Anomaly for one example — but this one’s especially awesome and, I suppose, was inevitable. The BBC has more on the project, and Kumparak’s blog has his own blow-by-blow account.

I know we use the word “awesome” a lot around here, but since I’m too lazy to refer to a thesaurus right now… yeah, it’s awesome.


  1. Adam Farnsworth says:

    Would love a follow up on building the augmented reality portion of the TARDIS!

  2. Pammy says:

    Literally, the coolest. thing. ever.

  3. Mandi says:

    I want to make this!!

  4. Christine says:


  5. Jick says:

    I came.