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Vin Diesel’s Glowing Eyes Are Back in First “Riddick” Trailer


The perpetual space fugitive Richard B. Riddick, played by the gravelliest voice in the business, Vin Diesel, is back for his third live-action adventure, titled, fittingly, Riddick. The character first saw the light (pun completely intended) in the 2000 sci-fi/horror film Pitch Black directed by David Twohy. Four years later, things got a little more arch with The Chronicles of Riddick.

This time out, Riddick has been found by a gang of bounty hunters, among them Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, but, wouldn’t ya know it, there’s nasty monsters on the rock planet that want to make mincemeat out of everybody. Looks like Riddick’s going to have to save the day again. He sure does save a lot of people for being a bad guy.

Riddick will hit theaters in September. Thanks to Machinima for the video. Are you looking forward to this one? Comment below….