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Video Game and Music Nerds Unite!

One of the first promo trailers to surface for EA Sports’ Fifa Soccer 12 features a mashup of Battles’ single “Ice Cream” from their latest LP, Gloss Drop. Interesting choice, isn’t it? I would not have ever thought to conflate goal keeping with math-rock, and I especially would not have ever imagined Steve Nash getting taken by a guy in a gorilla mask. But given that us nerds are in a perpetual state of underdogsmanship, I thought all would appreciate this trailer.


  1. cory says:

    I think because most of the world doesn’t exactly adhear to labels and defining things as much as we do here in the USA, the fact futball is a world sport and they just like good music is why this happens. look at that great elvis remake that got super popular (little more action little less conversation song) for the world cup 8 years ago. plus gorrilaz and a lot of other bands/songs like that have always been featured in Fifa and futball on tv, it is nice isn’t it?