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Vanilla Ice, Now Pitchfork-Friendly

It’s 2012. It’s been a long time since “Ice Ice Baby.” He’s already conquered home improvement television, so what’s next for Vanilla Ice? How about indie rock? Here, courtesy of our man at E!’s The Soup Jonah Ray, is what happens when you put Mr. Van Winkle in front of a bunch of hipsters:

He rocks Silverlake like a vandal. Nice plaid shirt from Jonah’s personal collection, too.


  1. Bob Sweet says:

    Please make this available in Canada. I would like to see it please!

  2. rob says:

    There is no logical reason why I can’t stream this video (which will never be sold) in Canada.

    “Nerdist is a place where American (not North American but US Americans and their maps) nerds come together and share the US American nerdery that we find (with each other — but nobody else in the world because the internet is only for US Americans). “

  3. Sean says:

    Yes, Funderful… Not available in Canada. I guess we have our own version of SOPA here already, but we call it the CRTC…

  4. Sean says:

    @funderful Lol. Yes. Not available in Canada. I guess we have our own version of SOPA here already, but we call it the CRTC…

  5. Thanks Justin. Someone had to say that this video is awful.You beat me to it.

  6. Justin says:

    This is embarrassing just to watch.

  7. Digby says:

    Awesome Ice! Don’t let the man hold you down.

  8. Aeshir says:

    Can’t watch it. Gotta love that ACTA!

  9. Cathy says:

    Portlandia meets The Office?

  10. Cathy says:

    I second Melodic Electronica’s query! It felt very,… Episodic?

  11. brian says:

    That was awesome… maybe ;)?!

  12. Nathaniel H. says:

    Wait… the Vanilla Ice project is a whole season of him renovating the same house? Interesting. And, actually, I’m intrigued… I may have to watch the show.

    This video is awesome, too. On so many levels.

  13. Dave says:

    Somehow “hipster” Vanilla Ice just sounds like Barenaked Ladies. So……not hip.

  14. is this the coffee shop version of “The Office”?

  15. colintendo says:

    I second what Funderful said.


  16. JE Smith says:

    Whoa, bookstore girl is REALLY cute.

  17. Funderful says:

    Wow! The video is not even available in my country!

    Because making it available would somehow undermine Vanilla Ice’s sales outside of the US? Or it would mean no one would watch whatever show the clip is from and which isn’t ever going to air outside of the US anyways?
    And if I saw it I guess the terrorists would win? What?

  18. Puck says:

    So, he skipped the “Everyone needs to release a country album” phase? So hipster.