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Valve Won’t Develop Exclusive Games For SteamOS, Steam Machines

Valve Won’t Develop Exclusive Games For SteamOS, Steam Machines

One of the larger leveraging points that many assumed Valve would use to bring folks over to their recently revealed Steam Machines was their exclusive games. Making their hardware the only compatible platforms with would-be titles such as Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Team Fortress 3, or Portal 3 would certainly guarantee hardware sales. But contrary to the assumption of the majority, Valve has gone on record saying they will not develop any exclusive titles for Steam Machines nor SteamOS.

Steam-Machine-2“You won’t see an exclusive killer app for SteamOS from us,” stated Valve designer Greg Coomer during an interview with IGN.“We’re not going to be doing that kind of thing.”

Valve doesn’t seem to be too fond of the idea of exclusivity at all. Spokesperson Anna Sweet went on to elaborate on their exclusive initiative: “That would go against our whole philosophy, to launch something that’s exclusive to SteamOS or Steam Machines. Whenever we talk to third-party partners, we encourage them to put their games in as many places as possible, including not on our platforms. Because we think that customers are everywhere, and they want to put their games wherever customers are.”

It’s yet another clear indicator that Valve is in the business for innovation first. So we can all rest well knowing that if there is a Half-Life 3, we’ll be able to enjoy it on multiple gaming platforms. Do you think the consumer-friendly approach is a good move by Valve? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Andrew says:

    Classy move, Valve. I can’t wait to see how that controller feels!