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Up For Auction: Dan Harmon’s Iron Man Costume From the Comic-Con “Community” Panel


If you were at the Community panel at Comic-Con this year, you saw Dan Harmon make his entrance in a home-made Iron Man costume, subsequently ripped off him by Danny Pudi and Jim Rash. It was… spectacular. As those things go, at least. Anyway, that costume is part of Community history, and now it’s being auctioned on eBay.


Okay, maybe an opening bid of $500 plus $50 shipping is a little ambitious for something they admit was built out of cardboard and flashlights less than 16 hours before Dan took the stage. But it’s autographed, it’s a genuine collector’s item, and there are lights in the heart, palms, and back plate, so there’s that. Plus, the boots are included, and, the eBay listing helpfully notes, it smells like Dan, and you can leave that to your imagination.


You have until August 4th at 4:56:09 pm Pacific Daylight Time to bid. Don’t wait until 4:56:10, because that’ll be too late. Click here to bid. And if you have any questions, ask them, not us.