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Unproduced Jim Henson Story Coming to TV and Comics

Unproduced Jim Henson Story Coming to TV and Comics

Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl didn’t have time to produce all the scripts they wrote. One example is Tale of Sand; it was found in the Henson archives and adapted by Archaia into a graphic novel three years ago. Another example is the Thanksgiving-themed The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow. It was written by Henson and Juhl at some point in the 1960s and intended to be a television special. It never made it to the screen though and was found in the same archives where Tale of Sand was tucked away. Luckily, the turkey-filled story is getting a second chance.

USA Today revealed The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow script is headed to television and to the pages of comics. CEO of the Jim Henson Co. Lisa Henson states both adaptations “are incredibly close to the original treatment.” Henson is working with Archaia on the graphic novel, and it will be written and drawn by Roger Langridge.

Here’s a peek at art by Langridge. Keep in mind it hasn’t been finalized:

Turkey Hollow Cover

The narrative sounds wacky in the best kind of way. It takes place during Thanksgiving in Turkey Hollow, New Hampshire in 1968. The town has 27 human residents and thousands of turkeys and also furry aliens who make musical sounds. The aliens befriend a boy named Timmy who plays the guitar, and drama ensues.

It sounds like there are plenty of interesting characters in the all-ages fairy tale as well as several creatures to admire. Lisa Henson gave Langridge reference photos of the Turkey Hollow alien puppets Jim Henson created back in 1968 so you know the art will have a Henson vibe.

The graphic novel will be out in October. Are you looking forward to The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow?

HT: ComicsAlliance, Jim Henson photo via NY Daily News