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Universal Details ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Halloween Horror Nights Maze

Universal Details ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Halloween Horror Nights Maze

It might not be the best movie in either franchise, but Universal is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Alien vs. Predator with a pretty cool-sounding maze for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. The 2004 film – which promised the long-awaited battle between Xenomorphs and a band of Predators in an arctic pyramid is providing the inspiration for this year’s maze, which will be complete with puppetry and people in costumes attacking scared visitors in the dark.

Universal is touting this as their most technically sophisticated maze, dropping visitors onto the crash site of a Predator ship which just also happens to be the hunting grounds for the Xenos. Presumably, carnage will ensue as both sides hunt one another, catching humans in the crossfire. Or cross-acid blood, I guess? Aliens can’t use guns.

The tilt into sci-fi is an interesting one for Universal, who in the past has largely packed the Universal Studios’ annual attraction with scenarios from horror films and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, or The Purge: Anarchy.

The studio has enlisted Amalgamated Dynamic Inc.’s Oscar-winning makeup artists Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis, so the whole thing may look awesomely authentic. I wonder how many visitors will really get a chance to appreciate the complex makeup used to bring the Aliens and Predators to life when they’re fleeing for their own. Here’s hoping each group has at least one “guest” secretly harboring a chestburster. You can have that one, Universal – it’d be dope.

You can find out more about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights on the official page.


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