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UNCHARTED Movie Director May Begin Filming In Early 2015

UNCHARTED Movie Director May Begin Filming In Early 2015

Sony Pictures Entertainment has been dangling the idea of an Uncharted film adaptation in front of our faces for God knows how long, but most gamers with a brain in their skulls have grown immune to the teases of the franchise getting a proper big screen adaptation. Now, several director/producer changes and thousands of “Nathan Fillion as Drake” requests later, the Uncharted movie looks like it will finally begin filming in early 2015.

“I think very early next year. That’s the plan,” said the movie’s director Seth Gordon in an interview with Zap2it. “That’s like tomorrow, essentially, because the prep is so complicated for that movie.” Gordon also went on to add that he and his team “just got the script to a really good place,” which had to be quite the task giving the high echelon the game’s writing had already set for the IP.

The last we heard of the Uncharted flick, Seth Gordon had just been pegged to direct the film, after negotiations between Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Horrible Bosses director finally came to a head back in February.

As for the Uncharted game series, the next installment in the franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is set for a 2015 release, with Neil Druckmann taking the creative directing reigns from the previously departed Amy Hennig. Uncharted 4 is on its way for sure, but only time will tell whether the movie continues to hold up on remaining in production. For the sake of staying positive, we can rest assured that this is the most promising it has been for the movie coming to fruition to date.

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