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Unanswered Questions: A Save COMMUNITY Video

Unanswered Questions: A Save COMMUNITY Video

This most recent season of Community was a true return to form for the series, and not only because creator Dan Harmon was back at the helm. Despite the loss of Chevy Chase as Pierce and later Donald Glover as Troy, the series went back to the kind of humor that made us all love it to begin with and found prominent cast roles for Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and the one and only John Oliver. Still, the road to #SixSeasonsAndAMovie is a bumpy one, and one online group, Save Community Now, demands to know a few things before the series says goodbye.

Jim Rash thinks it’s a good idea.

There is but one mere season and a movie away from completing the ultimate in meta-textual jokes coming true. Let’s all keep talking about it. Hashtag that beast.