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UCB Presents: Between the ScenesUCB Presents: Between the Scenes

UCB Goes Between the Scenes of Marvel’s THE AVENGERS

Sure, it’s cool if the Avengers decide to have a little shawarma in your restaurant after defeating inter-dimensional aliens. But if the Hulk wrecks your joint, don’t expect the insurance company to foot the bill. One restaurant owner will find that out the hardest way (always go for the superhero coverage).

In this week’s Between the Scenes, the Upright Citizens Brigade takes a look at what happened after the beloved Avengers post-credit sequence.


  1. Wasn’t this technically “AFTER the Scenes” and not “BETWEEN the Scenes”?

  2. L says:

    LOL @ the end, when its in Israel it says McDonals (hebrew)

  3. mikedudez says:

    yes read the fine print for all insurance with car insurance it don’t matter, even if you read the fine print and no matter what policy you have they wont bother to really get everything you deserve even when the accident is the fault of some stupid kid taking his dads car to the movies and turning when he was not suppose to.