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Two New Clips Go Deep Into the Spelunking Thriller AS ABOVE/ SO BELOW

Two New Clips Go Deep Into the Spelunking Thriller AS ABOVE/ SO BELOW

The Dowdle Brothers’ As Above/ So Below is nearing its release date at the end of the month, so Legendary and Universal has released a pair of new clips to tease the late-august found-footage thriller.

As Above/ So Below stars Ben Feldman, Perdita Weeks, and Edwin Hodge, as a team of explorers who get lost amid the winding French Catacombs. It’s there that the Dowdle Brothers promise our heroes will be confronted with not only the mysteries beneath the city but their own inner demons.

The Dowdle Brothers are John Erick and Drew, both of whom wrote the film with John Erick directing. The two are known for their hard-to-find Poughkeepsie Tapes, another found footage horror movie which was lost in the shuffle of its studio’s reorganization. Still, the film’s reputation worked for them, landing them the gig of adapting the Spanish found-footage zombie movie [REC] for the U.S. as Quarantine and scoring John Erick directing duties on the M. Night Shymalan-produced Devil.

The pair of clips aren’t for the claustrophobic: the first sees the team – now utterly lost beneath Paris, attempting to make sense of arcane alchemical symbols and signs in the hopes of getting free. Nothing at all wrong with following ancient symbols in the land of the dead, right guys?


The second sees one of the team encountering what might be a relic from his own past – and of course it’s the same piano, you guys. The Catacombs are playing tricks on you, get ouuuuuut.


Legendary and Universal’s As Above/ So Below will be in theaters on August 29.

[via Arrow in the Head]