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Two New ARCHER Employee Training Videos

Two New ARCHER Employee Training Videos

The world’s greatest superspy and his ISIS cronies will be back with brand new adventures on Monday, January 13th, but you don’t have to wait that long to see more Archer. FX Network has released two more clips, each a film strip for ISIS employees about various company and office policies, just the kind of thing a secret, privatized espionage ring needs. (You’ll recall the earlier one in which instructions on how to handle office ninjas were offered.)

In the first of the two new videos, Figgis tells us what to do when you need to replenish office supplies (for which he is most certainly not ridiculed), and in the second, Cheryl demonstrates ISIS’ strict narcotics ethos. It’s important that everyone at the company be up to any and all challenges that might arise in the course of duty.



There, now you’re that much more ready to engage in the dangerous world of Sterling Archer. Let’s be careful out there.

And, because it remains awesome, here’s the Top Gun spoof they did a couple of months back. 90 seconds of gold.